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United Nations Public Service Day

How to Celebrate Public Service Day

22 June 2021

A government employee explaining the law to a citizenIt is essential for governments to maintain an efficient civic service to underpin democracy and effective governance. This event is celebrated around the world in recognition of its importance and the men and women who work in the civil service. One of the important things about these days is to recognize the contribution the it makes towards society.


When is the united nations public service day observed?


This important event is observed on 23 June each year. This day is designated by the United Nations General Assembly to recognize the vital contribution of the civil service, which includes the work of police, security, defense, and legal services. Those who serve in the government are given due recognition and appreciation for all that they do for the common good.


What does “Public Service” mean?


The capitol building with the sky in the background. The image implies government services.This term is used widely throughout the world, but it has no agreed-upon legal or operational definition. The term may be understood to mean the provision of a range of government services, from national defense to libraries and from health to education. This diversity makes it difficult to determine its precise meaning and function, because so many factors are involved. This event is a chance for people who work in the government to celebrate their contributions and explore new ways of understanding government service.


Civic service means getting along together in communities, towns, cities and countries. Positive government service means the way to get along together better is to offer help and be kind. It means helping each other solve problems that make it harder to get along. People work in civic service because they like to help make things better.


Public servants are people who work with others to better their community or country. They want everyone in their community or country to get along and have happy lives.


The main job of a civic servant is solving problems in their community or country.  They try hard to find good solutions for these problems so everyone can work together happily and successfully.


How to develop a Public Service culture?


A government employee in a suit shaking the hand of a citizen.UNPAN believes that this notion is openly shared, and that it means different things to different people. More people are becoming aware that government service is more than just a job; it is a commitment based on a set of values such as integrity, fairness and respect for others. UNPAN wishes to contribute to this growing awareness by promoting this event every year.


As of 2017, over 200 organizations have endorsed the UNPday, including government departments and agencies (national and local), public institutions and universities, NGOs, private sector organizations and foundations.


Why do we need public services?


We need civic services for several reasons:


  • This initiative is supported by various organizations and individuals.
  • Getting people to consider the role of the government service in our society is an important step towards improving quality and efficiency in the public service.
  • Government services are a major part of our daily lives, and any discussion about them should be led by people who are directly affected.
  • We strongly believe that everyone should have access to quality, efficient and accountable civic services.


Filling out tax forms to submit to the government.UNPAN provides the opportunity for students, young people and adults to learn more about civic service through its events, campaigns and materials. From an early age, children discover that they can make a difference in their world. Through UNPAN's efforts, the next generation of ambassadors for peace will have the tools to become responsible global citizens.

UNPAN's educational initiatives aim at educating youth about the values of civic service and encouraging them to engage in activities that promote these values.


What is Public Service Day?


It is the first of its kind, as it is an official event endorsed by the UN. It gives the opportunity for people all over the world to celebrate the virtue of civic service.


With UNPAN’s support, countries and organizations strive to:


  • Encourage young people to pursue careers in government service;
  • Create a culture of civic service;
  • Promote knowledge about government service; and
  • Honor exemplary models in public administration.


More information from Wikipedia.


What you need to do on United Nations Public Service Day?


Here are some of the things you can do:


  • Say #UNPDA
  • Wear orange
  • Learn about this day


To celebrate this occasion, many people around the world join in wearing orange, a symbol of civic service, on June 23. Some organizations wear orange at their workplace to encourage their colleagues to do so as well.


On June 23, we celebrate the vibrancy of civic service through teddy bears and stuffed animals. This event gives us the opportunity to promote our values and show respect for those who dedicate their time to serve us all. This is just one way that we can make a difference in our everyday lives!


What is Africa Public Service Day?


Tax form, a note saying tax time, pen, calculator and keyboard.Africa's version of this day is called APSDay. It is a day set aside to celebrate the civic service and the wide range of public services that governments provide for citizens and communities. It is also a day for Africans to remember the contribution of civic servants in their lives.


The day was conceived by Amina Mohammed, then Nigeria's Minister of Environment and later Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs & Diaspora. Mohammed worked with UNPAN to create a similar annual event to recognize this globally. The idea was first presented at UNPAN's 2014 General Assembly, and APSDay has been held annually since 2015.


Africans celebrate the APSDay by looking for ways to value and celebrate the service of Africa's people. This is done through an annual campaign called "My Public Service Week".


APSDay is supported by the African Union and endorsed by Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, Malawi , Namibia and Ethiopia as well as Kenya's Service providers and Ministry of Education.


In making this decision, the APSDay Working Committee included regional government service institutions such as: the CSD Ghana Association; CSD Malawi Association; CSD Namibia; CSDs in Nigeria (in particular in Abuja), Mauritius, Cameroon and Ghana. The Committee also included a number of authorities at local government level including mayors across various cities across the continent.


The future of public services and the need for collaboration


UNPAN's vision is to make this a day that the world celebrates civic service for the common good, and in the interest of humanity. Anyone can personally contribute to this culture. UNPAN will continue to organize and promote the annual celebration of this event, encourage the development of similar events in other regions of the world, and encourage governments around the world to promote it.




The Public Service Day is an important day for all Public Sector employees to recognize the value of government service. This serves as a reminder to the public sector employees of the duty and the responsibility that they have in helping their countries to develop and to improve the quality of life of their citizens. Working in civic service is not easy. One has to put in a lot of hard work and long hours to deliver the services that are expected of them. Public service employees work hard to deliver health, education, and other services to the public. The public sector employees are the backbone of any democratic government.



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Putting the spotlight on Public Service Day 2017, this blog looks at why the Public Sector is important, the influence of the private sector on the Public Sector, the role of the Public Sector, the resources available to the Public Sector, and the current challenges facing the Public Sector. The blog also examines the role of the International Labour Organization in ensuring the fair treatment of workers within the Public Sector.


Caption Option #2


The United Nations' Public Service Day is an annual observance held on June 23. It recognizes that democracy and successful governance are built on the foundation of a competent civil service. Each year, the United Nations holds a Public Service Awards ceremony. At the same time, Africa Public Service Day is celebrated in Africa to coincide with the United Nations Public Service Day.


Caption Option #3


Each year on 23rd June, the United Nations International Public Service Day and Africa Public Service Day are celebrated around the world in recognition of the importance of the public service and the men and women who work in the public service. One of the important things about these days is to recognize the contribution the public service makes towards society.


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It is essential for governments to maintain an efficient civic service to underpin democracy and effective governance. This event is
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