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How it Works

Not sure how to use Post Vendo? Follow these simple instructions.

If you want more information, just contact us or chat with one of our representatives during office hours.

Choose a Themed Calendar

Visit our shop and pick out a themed calendar! Choose monthly, quarterly or annual calendars for any category or topic that is suitable for your company, social media pages or campaigns. Add the ones you want to your shopping cart, then check out when you're ready.

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Upgrade to Premium (Optional)

The calendars include ready-to-use graphics. You can customize it with any graphic editor (e.g., Photoshop, InDesign, Canva, Crello, etc.) by adding your logo and other information. Most social media scheduling apps allow you to automatically add your logo to each image post. You can simply enable this to avoid having to edit the graphics just to add your logo.


If you upgrade to Premium, we will customize the graphics with your branding colors, logo, website URL, and contact information within two business days for a small fee. This is entirely optional.

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Pay with PayPal or Use Your Card

Pay quickly and securely via PayPal or by a debit/credit card. Following payment, you will receive an email containing the download link. If you have upgraded the calendar to Premium, you will be redirected to a page with a form where you can upload your logo and provide the hex codes for the preferred colors, contact information, and website URL. After two business days, you will receive a download link for the files with custom designs.

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Download the Files

You will immediately receive an email containing the download link, which will expire after three business days and allows for up to three download attempts. You will be able to save a high-resolution copy of the images as well as a CSV file. Use the CSV file to schedule all of the posts in your social media scheduler, or just the ones you want to post with the provided images and captions.

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Upload to Social Media Scheduler

The CSV file includes captions, direct image links, post titles, and dates. This is for quick upload to your social media scheduler if you want to schedule everything in minutes. Feel free to make any changes you want.

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Select and Post Away

You don't have to upload the CSV file to your social media scheduler. Simply post whichever event you want using the data from the CSV file. Use the provided graphics and data in the CSV file to post directly to your social media accounts.

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